[FAQS] The difference between the MIUI MultiLanguage and the Italian one

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This article is now dated. Instead, read the most complete and recent Guide to the differences between the versions of MIUI

We inaugurate FAQS FAQs, frequently asked questions, with a question that many on the forums propose: there is a difference between the ROMs MultiLanguage (Multi calls) and only ones Italian?  Since there is indeed a lot of confusion and misinformation, let's try to make some clarity.

Let's start by identifying the three weekly weekly ROM releases that are released each week.

MIUI Official

It is the first version that sees light on Friday morning and is released from the official channel via the main site. This version is available for all officially supported terminals and incorporates only the Chinese and English languages ​​(not perfect). The ROM coming from this channel includes several non-translated and useful applications only in China.
website: http://www.miui.com/download.html - http://en.miui.com/download.html

MIUI MultiLanguage

The multi is released, barring problems, on Friday but it is not a rule. It includes 23 languages ​​including Italian of course and is made for all officially supported terminals. This ROM although considered "Unofficial" is the result of the translation work of various teams around the world and also includes some optimizations such as the removal of useless Chinese apps.
website: http://xiaomi.eu/community/

MIUI Italiana

Italian Pack is usually not ready before Monday because the adaptation of the Italian version to any version to which some specific changes will be added will take time. Of course, this version includes a translation into the "state of the art" and with specific optimizations for our country. Depending on the phone model, an already translated ROM or one is provided Pack to be installed on the version Official.
website: http://miui.nexus-lab.com/site/download/

At this point you are wondering: is it worth waiting Monday for the release of the Italian team?


As already mentioned, MultiLanguage is the result of the Italian team, but is based on a base very generic so that it can be applied independently on any release from the international team. But this has a price: the translation in the MultiLanguage is not complete at 100%, especially in some weeks where there are many news, the percentage of translation can go down a lot!

Speech aside is that of optimizations. In the Italian pack the other languages ​​are removed, besides there are several specific improvements for Italy that make the ROM light and snappy. But here we enter into "industrial secrets" that we do not know and rightly the Nexus-Lab keeps for itself.

To conclude, Friday runs for seven days as well as Monday between the Italian version, so once you get the "rhythm" wait for the Italian Pack it's not that hard, but it's worth it. Obviously nobody is banning, as I do, installing on Friday the MultiLanguage and on Monday the Italian version.

Poor phone!

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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8 years ago

very useful article xi new arrivals like me! thank you

8 years ago
Reply to  pukos

But it is true that you always have to install the pack (or the multi that you want) TWO times ??
ps I hope everything went ok… in the hospital 🙂