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Dreame L10S Pro it's the new house robot Dreame Tech which together with the Ultra version (of which I will illustrate the differences) take another step forward in home cleaning automation thanks to highly technological performance and technical solutions.

Dreame L10s Pro Robot 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner, Rotating Mops, 3D Obstacle Detection, Multi-Storey Mapping, ...
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Dreame L10S Pro – Design and Specs

Il Dreame L10s Pro has the classic circular shape of diameter 35cm and high 9.7cm with a weight of 3.7Kg. It is proposed only in anthracite colour, very beautiful and elegant.

In the upper part, in addition to the typical turret for the LIDAR sensor which takes care of detecting the environment, there are also three buttons dedicated to the primary functions: on and off; return to the charging base; start cleaning. The top cover has magnetic latches and removes completely for access to the large 450ml powder container and 190ml clean water container.

Frontally we find the optical sensor “High precision 3D” which, in combination with the laser sensor, helps the robot to recognize the various obstacles and prevent them. Of course, there is also the anti-collision bumper which, however, is rarely called into question.

Finally, in the lower part there are the anti-fall and carpet recognition sensors. But above all we find the two rotating mops for washing the floor, the most interesting feature of this product.

La charging base it is small and minimal, it fully recharges the robot in 6 hours, guaranteeing an autonomy of about 200 minutes. In addition to the rubber pads at the bottom, there is a double-sided adhesive tape to ensure maximum stability when the robot returns to its base.

Dimensions: 35 9.7 x x 35cm
Weight/size3,7 kg
Connection TypeWi-Fi 2.4GHz
Voltage100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A
Nominal power60W
Battery Capacity5,200mAh
Dust Tank Capacity0,45 L
Capacity of the water tank0,19 L

Operation and Navigation

Dreame L10S Pro optical sensor

Since the time of the review of the Dream L10 Pro I was able to appreciate the effectiveness of the coordinated use of the laser sensor together with the 3D optical one.

Il LIDAR laser sensor is able to map the room in seconds and always with impressive accuracy. Since this sensor also takes care of the navigation of the robot, we will always have sensible routes with a great saving of time and autonomy.

Il 3D optical sensor instead it helps us to recognize and anticipate obstacles: shoes, threads, toys and even dog excrement. It therefore saves us unpleasant situations in which the robot may have to stop cleaning or even worse. In general it improves its navigation, also in this case to the advantage of efficiency.

Performance and suction

Il Dreame L10s Pro reaches a suction pressure of 5.300Pa, an impressive value that allows you to obtain excellent results in any condition of floor and dirt. Consider that already with the 4.000Pa of previous models impressive results were achieved, but with this upgrade it is achieved impeccable cleaning.

As always, I take as a reference the large tiles in my kitchen which have very deep joints and only robots (but also electric ovens) with adequate power can clean. Obviously the Dreame was passed with flying colours.

But the great power returns especially useful for those with carpets and rugs, where any type of roller is not sufficient to remove the dirt that lurks between the bristles. With Dreame L10s Prodeep-seated dirt is also removed from carpets. Furthermore, thanks to the special sensor, the robot automatically recognizes carpets and increase the power to the maximum.

In all situations, the 17 cm wide fully rubberized roller offers a great contribution in effectiveness and minimizes the tangling of hair and hair making it the ideal robot for those who have pets at home.

Floor washing

The feature that I most liked in this robot are the two rotating mops dedicated to washing floors and which are magnetically fixed for easy maintenance.

They can be activated only in the rooms where we want to wash, which takes place by sending water from the internal tank in the quantity that we will decide (slightly dry, damp, wet).

Thanks to the friction due to the rotation of 180 revolutions per minute and when pushed downwards, it is able to clean even "important" dirt and remove dried stains. The results are vastly better than traditional dragging mops, but it is also significantly more effective than vibrating cloths such as the Roborock S7.

Carpet detection is also useful in this context, because it allows the robot to lift the two cloths up to 7 mm e keeps carpets dry as well as avoid dragging dirty mops across clean floors.

The only real limitation of this system is the lack of a cleaning/self-emptying base that allows you to automatically wash clothes during and at the end of cleaning as happens with its older brother L10S Ultra. We will therefore have to personally take care of washing the clothes at the end of the cleaning and letting them dry before reassembling them, however, this operation is facilitated by magnetic attachments and scratch-fixed mops.

Companion app

To take advantage of the excellent technical characteristics we have acompanion app really well made, perhaps the best together with that of Roborock, and which offers many functions. The application is in Italian as well as the voice available for the voice feedback of the robot.

The app is available for both Android and Apple.

  • Subdivision by rooms
  • Subdivision by floors
  • Selective cleaning of areas or rooms
  • Enabling disabling of areas where to clean or wash
  • Virtual walls
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Selection of suction power
  • Selection of the amount of water to use
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cleaning history

The robot is also compatible with Alexa which allows us to give it voice commands to start and stop cleaning.

Dreame L10S Pro VS Dreame L10S Ultra

Simultaneously with the release of the Dreame L10S Pro, his older brother also saw the light Incredibly with which it shares most of the specifications: same power, same range, same navigation technology, same tumble dryers. However, there are some differences that justify the price which is almost double.

Il Dreame L10S Ultra has a base that is from charging station and self-emptying with a dust collection compartment, a clean water tank with detergent dispenser, a dirty water tank.

As we have seen the other reviews, the function of self-emptying allows you to forget about the robot for many weeks and even cleaning the filter must be done very rarely.

But it is above all in washing floors we find great advantages because the base takes care of refilling the water tank by automatically adding the detergent. After cleaning each room the robot returns to the base to clean the cloths to the great advantage of efficiency and hygiene. At the end of the wash, the robot will wash the mops again and again will dry so as to be ready for the next session.

Dreame L10S Pro – Price and conclusions

Il Dreame L10S Pro is a fantastic product which does not disappoint in any respect. Amazing in suction, effective in washing, perfect in navigation and with an excellent management app.

The only defect, which is not a defect, is the absence of the charging/self-cleaning base which on a product with rotating mops is even more useful than it normally is. It is not entirely correct to speak of a defect because the option exists, just buy the Dreame L10S Ultra but it costs twice as much.

Il Dreame L10S Pro it is offered at the introductory price of €599 but on the occasion of Black Friday, it will be only for this week on offer for €459 here on Amazon. A certainly high price, but largely justified by the characteristics of a true TOP of the range and by the great reliability of the brand. We advise you to follow our channel of discounts and offers on Telegram.

Dreame L10s Pro Robot 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner, Rotating Mops, 3D Obstacle Detection, Multi-Storey Mapping, ...
6 used by 362,61 €
459,00 599,90
9 December 2022 9: 19
The Amazon Amazon.it
Price updated on: 9 December 2022 9:19

8.8 Total score
Dreame L10S Pro

The Dreame L10S Pro is a fantastic product that does not disappoint in any respect. Amazing in suction, effective in washing, perfect in navigation and with an excellent management app.

  • Laser navigation
  • 3D obstacle sensor
  • Rotating mops for washing
  • Big power 5.300Pa
  • Price
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