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Huami changes its name: from today it is called Zepp Health

Huami he changed his name after doing it with his own companion app. It was one thing if we had been breathing in the air for a few days but until today we have not had official confirmation. Instead, apparently, it is. The brand that has always been there shoulder of Xiaomi in the production and design of the famous We Band has decided to change course. However, this does not mean that the products will cost more or that they will not have the same quality as always. Indeed, according to the statements, the company will try harder than before. But let's see the reasons that prompted the brand to make this decision.

Huami has decided to change the name of its proprietary app and then the company itself: the global division will take the name of Zepp Health

According to what we learn from PR Newswire, between 24 and 25 February last Huami has communicated an important step, although it may not interest us. The name of the company, or rather of the global division, it will be changed to ZEPP Health. Most will remember that even the smartphone application was renamed some time ago, also making some changes to the design and functionality. But what is behind this decision? It is the brand itself that gives us an explanation.

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Zepp, is a renowned international brand founded in Silicon Valley in 2011, has a strong following of athletes who use its devices to monitor their performance, particularly in golf, baseball and tennis. Thereby, Zepp has expanded to offer high-end smartwatches and digital health management services, leveraging the hardware and software technology behind its solutions. In 2020, the brand presented the line Zepp E e Zepp-Z, establishing itself in the high-end smartwatch industry, as well as an application for digital health management and services.

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Zepp is an easy name to remember, which transcends languages, cultures and borders. In reverse Huami has a strong Chinese roots (literally 华 hua stands for China and 米 mi, as we all know, rice, and therefore users as for Xiaomi). Wang Huang, President and CEO of Zepp Health said:

Our mission has been to connect health with technology. I believe that the area of ​​health technology represents a huge opportunity for us to apply our expertise in precision sensors, biometrics, AI chips and engineering skills focused on miniaturization and analysis of health data.

The company's evolution and repositioning at Zepp Health is more clearly articulated in the mission to investors, partners and customers. We are now well positioned to solve the biggest challenges facing the health technology sector.

Huami states that change of name and symbol commercial they will not affect on the rights of shareholders or on the operations and financial position of the company. The company does not intend to change its strategy and its products policy of quality following this announcement.

What changes for us?

Therefore a choice dictated more by the positioning company in global trade rather than for other reasons. But what changes for us? Actually nothing. For the moment the company has not yet changed the name on the official website but it will soon do so. It hasn't even announced whether the Amazfit line will stay or be replaced: I personally believe it will be replaced, but the quality will remain the same.

However, we must not forget that the giant still has a smartwatch to launch with the Amazfit name. It is about Amazfit T Rex 2 we talked about a few weeks ago. According to information that emerged from the FCC portal this device should remain under Huami's “aegis”. It will probably be the last with this name.

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