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Install the Google Play Store on the Xiaomi Mi3 with the Google installer app

Have you purchased a Xiaomi Mi3 that does not have the Google Play Store installed? Are you crazy trying to install it manually? No fear! The operation will be simple with a simple app!

The Xiaomi Mi3 is a top-of-the-range device with Snapdragon 800 appreciated by many fans around the world and of which we have already presented one Full review. However, by purchasing your smartphone from China or other retailers, you may find yourself with no Play Store installed, which would be a major limitation for such a powerful smartphone! For this reason, we generally recommend buying from, the dealer who arranges to install the PlayStore and the Italian language before shipping.

However, if you are in this situation, just follow these simple instructions to install the Play Store to other Google software on your Xiaomi device.

Google Play Store

Google play store

As you all know, the Play Store is the virtual Google Apps Store, where you can install millions of games and apps that make Android what it is. In some cases, to install the Play Store on your Xiaomi device, you will need to search the 'play store' in the MIUI Store. If this operation is not successful, just follow the simple instructions below.

Install the Play Store on the Xiaomi Mi3

Developer Eric Xiang has created a simple application, called Google Installer, which you will find on the MIUI Store. The name of the application is in Chinese, but you will find it easily by searching for “Google” in English.

Google installer app

The app will simply install the Google Play Store and everything you need to run it on your Xiaomi Mi3, allowing you to install other Google products such as the Navigator, Search, Gmail, Chrome, and so on.

With a simple installation, you will have to solve any kind of problem without making any changes to the smartphone. We remind readers that this procedure is valid for any Xiaomi smartphone without the Play Store.


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