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Meizu enters the smart glasses market with AR Smart Glasses

Meizu, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has officially announced its first product in the field of smart glasses, i Meizu AR Smart Glasses, a device that uses XR (extended reality) technology to offer an immersive experience between reality and virtuality.

Meizu enters the smart glasses market with AR Smart Glasses

The Meizu AR Smart Glasses are the result of collaboration between Meizu and Xingji Meizu Group, a company that develops software and hardware XR technologies. The glasses stand out for their extremely thin and lightweight design, which makes them comfortable to wear and carry.

AR Smart Glasses are equipped with innovative display technology, which allows digital images to be projected onto the user's field of vision, thus creating an augmented reality. The user can interact with the images via gestures, voice commands or via the smartphone connected to the glasses.

AR smart glasses can integrate with various smart devices, such as phones, cars and smartwatches, creating a multi-terminal integrated intelligence ecosystem. In this way, the user can access different functions and services, such as navigation, entertainment, information, communication and much more.

The Meizu AR Smart Glasses are designed to enrich users' daily lives, offering them new possibilities to explore the digital world and have fun. Meizu has declared that it wants to make XR technology accessible to everyone, and for this reason it has launched a special promotion for first buyers.

In fact, it is possible to participate in a blind booking event, paying only 1 yuan (about 0,13 euros) for the chance to purchase Meizu AR glasses with a 30% discount on the optical service, an exclusive coupon worth 100 yuan (about 13 euros) and other advantages, such as the possibility of changing glasses without repairing them within 180 days.

The blind pre-order event has already started and will last until November 10, 2023. Meizu AR glasses will be available in two colors: black and white. The official price and launch date have not yet been revealed.

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