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Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro: Android 5 Lollipop Scheduled for This Week

You might remember that in a last article we talked to some rumors that it was Meizu would release a beta version of the FlyMe OS they are enough Android Lollipop. It seems that Meizu wants to surprise her fans by releasing a "stable" version of FlyMe OS powered by Android 5.0 within this week.

To confirm these rumors is none other than Yang Yan, head designer of FlyMe, who published a post on his social profile in which he communicates, precisely, that Meizu will release the update to Lollipop, which will initially affect theMX4 e the MX4 Pro, by weekends.


Meanwhile, the famous insider @chinaubuntu, a source that over time has proved to be very reliable, has published a screeshoot of device info of a Meizu MX4 with aboard the FlyMe OS based on Lollipop. As we can see from the image, the new FlyMe has arrived at version 5.0.3 and is based on the latest Android release, namely 5.0.2. It seems that from the graphic point of view the new update will not bring substantial changes, but it is still too early to judge.



The week has just begun ... let's see what's going to happen by Friday.

via | Sm @ rty

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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