OnePlus 8 Pro or 8T which would be logical to choose today?

A question that we are often asked or see in our groups is the following: today it would make more sense to buy the OnePlus 8 Pro o 8T, the latest top range from OP? Well, in this article and its review we will try to have our say on this topic. We remind you that unlike last year, OnePlus decided not to produce the T version of its top 8 Pro range this year. In fact, only the 8T was presented in October and in my opinion it was a good choice, especially considering the last one. success achieved last year by the 7T pro (which was practically a clone of the 7 Pro and the poor sales confirmed this).

To understand which of the two devices it would be better to choose, we must first see the differences which, although not very many, exist and can help us in the final decision.


8 Pro measures 165.3 mm x 74.3 mm x 8.5 mm and weighs 199Gr. 8T measures 160,7 mm x 74,1 mm x 8,4 mm and weighs 188Gr. From these data we can immediately see that the only appreciable difference lies in the height (half a cm) and in the weight (11Gr). Many of you will say that these are negligible values, in reality I can confirm that there is a little difference in terms of portability.


Here we find the first important difference between the 2 smartphones or the type of panel mounted: on the 8 Pro we have a 6.78 "EDGE format (curved at the sides) with QHD + resolution, while on the 8T a classic 6.55" FLAT panel with resolution FullHD + both with refresh rates up to 120Hz. It goes without saying that the real appreciable difference will be that of the EDGE Vs Flat format. Unable to distinguish differences in size and resolution.

OnePlus 8 Pro:

  • dimensions: 6,78 inch
  • Resolution: 3168 x 1440 pixels 513 ppi (QHD +)
  • Aspect ratio: 19,8: 9
  • Type: Fluid AMOLED 120Hz
  • Support sRGB, Display P3
  • Cover glass: 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass

OnePlus 8T:

  • dimensions: 6,55 inch
  • Resolution: 2400 x 1080 pixels 402 ppi (FullHD +)
  • Aspect ratio: 20: 9
  • Type: AMOLED Fluid 120 Hz
  • Support sRGB, Display P3
  • Cover glass: Corning® Gorilla® Glass


Both models are equipped with the best 2020 CPU, Qualcomm's SD 865 with small differences between RAM and ROM. On 8 Pro we find better RAM (Lpddr5 Vs Lpddr4x) and worse ROM (UFS 3.0 Vs UFS 3.1) compared to the 8T.


Here we find perhaps the biggest differences as the multimedia department of 8 Pro is definitely preferred. The main sensor, the Sony IMX 689, was a staple of this 2020 and net of more or less optimized software it is certainly able to produce excellent shots. The difference between the 2 then comes out especially in low light shots. Nowadays I can't really appreciate the difference between the various top-of-the-range ones when it comes to taking pictures in a lot of light. But when conditions get complicated the best sensors almost always manage to give their best.

Even the wide-angle sensor is preferable on the 8 pro in terms of definition (48Mpx Vs 16Mpx) even if the field of view of the 8T is slightly higher (123 ° Vs 120 °). The 8T also lacks a telephoto lens and this could prove to be a serious shortcoming if we wanted to shoot distant objects. The recording quality, up to 4K 60FPS, is also preferable here in the Pro version.

So, in my opinion, the importance you will give to the camera department could be one of the tangible discriminators to choose one or the other phone.

OnePlus 8 Pro:

Main Sensor
  • Sensor: Sony IMX689, 48Mpx, Aperture: f / 1.78
  • Pixel size: 1,12 µm / 48M; 2,24 µm (4 in 1) / 12M
  • Lens components: 7P
  • OIS: Yes, EIS: Yes
Telephoto (3X Zoom)
  • 8Mpx, Aperture: f / 2.44
  • Pixel size: 1.0 µm
  • OIS: Yes
Ultra wide angle lens
  • 48Mpx, Aperture: f / 2.2
  • Field of view: 120 °
Lens with color filter
  • Megapixels: 5
  • Opening: f / 2,4

OnePlus 8T

Main Camera
  • Sensor: Sony IMX586, 48Mpx, Aperture: f / 1,7
  • Pixel size: 0,8 µm / 48 MP, 1,6 µm / 12 MP four in one
  • Lens components: 6P
  • OIS: Yes, EIS: Yes
Ultra wide angle lens
  • 16Mpx, Aperture: f / 2.2
  • Field of view: 123 °
Macro lens
  • 5Mpx
Monochrome lens
  • 2Mpx

Here is a gallery of photos taken at night (the latest only in Nite Mode as it is completely in the dark) to highlight the differences between OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8T:

In addition to these differences we must put the certification IP68 and Wireless charging present on 8 Pro and absent on 8T and a different charging speed which on 8T is something unique. In fact, you will be able to bring the battery from 0-100 in about 40m (we are about 60 minutes for 8 Pro).

As always, I will be repetitive on the issue of IP certification and wireless charging: in my opinion these too are not discriminatory that they can push me to buy one smartphone over another. In general, wireless charging is still too underperforming compared to the classic wire one, especially on OnePlus that have very fast wire recharges. As for the IP certification it is something that probably none of us want to experience on a phone from € 500 upwards .. and I always want to remind you that no brand will ever pass on a phone that has been damaged by water infiltrations under warranty, not even with IP68.


Having said all this, let's get to my experience of use and my final opinion. The computing power and the performances are practically identical, even if there are small differences in the memories used this does not bring advantages or disadvantages, you will have with both the TOP currently on the market in multi tasking, gaming, etc.

The enjoyment of multimedia contents is also identical, in fact both the displays and the stereo audio are excellent that will make it a real pleasure to watch movies and play even the most demanding titles, impossible to distinguish the larger size and resolution of the 8 Pro. the FIRST discriminant that I think is really important in the choice .. that is the shape: if you love FLAT screens you will have to go to the 8T and vice versa if your preference is oriented on EDGE ones.

As for the size and weight, I break a lance in favor of the "T". I must say that in my pocket it is a little less annoying but I don't think this detail is decisive for the final choice.

The second point that I consider fundamental is the camera issue. Although not even with the 8 Pro we will have a smartphone capable of competing with the best 2020 cameraphones (Huawei P40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra, Iphone 12 Max, Mate 40 Pro, Oppo find X2 Pro, etc.), it will be the best choice if for you taking pictures with your phone is a fundamental must. In fact, the 8T does not even seem to have made important steps compared to its younger brother OP 8. We hope that in the future more attention will be paid to this aspect.

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