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Oppo makes the big return: Find X and the European surprises

The news of return of Oppo Find shook up the mobile phone market, marking a significant moment for consumers and technology enthusiasts. After solving the Patent disputes with Nokia, Oppo is ready to win back the hearts of Europeans, presenting not only the latest models of the Find Oppo Air Glass 3. Here are all the details the company revealed.

Oppo Find X: a new beginning in Europe

The cross-licensing agreement with Nokia represents a milestone for Oppo, allowing the company to overcome legal obstacles which had previously hindered the distribution of its devices in Europe. This breakthrough opens new doors for Oppo, which can now focus on bringing its advanced 4G and 5G technology to European consumers.

Although the Find X7 will not reach European markets, Oppo is planning the launch of the Find X8, fueling anticipation for the future of the Find X series in Europe. The announcement took place during the MWC 2024 in Barcelona which was held in recent days. This strategic decision underlines the importance of the European market for Oppo and its dedication to meeting consumer expectations with increasingly innovative products.

The return of Oppo Find new chapter for the company on the continent. With a strategy that focuses both on resolving old disputes and on the introduction of cutting-edge products such as Oppo Air Glass 3, demonstrates that it is ready to reconquer the European market.

However, some doubts arise about accessibility economic of the smartphones that will arrive belonging to the Find X8 series. Everyone knows that the Chinese giant's top-of-the-range devices are not cheap and with the general increase in prices there is a risk of overtaking even flagships like Xiaomi 14Ultra just presented in Italy.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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