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Ouya could work with Xiaomi

The video game console Ouya is a rather interesting technological project, and could become even more so with a collaboration between the company Ouya Inc. and Xiaomi!

For those unfamiliar with the project, Ouya is a video game console based on the Android system, suitably modified, which offers a joystick and a series of home console features. The device is designed specifically for video games, and mounts the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, but with the Android system and the HDMI output it is also proposed as a home multimedia device.

The Ouya store, the virtual store that allows the download of dedicated software, is close to launching in China, but it seems that the company's plans in China also provide an interesting collaboration with Xiaomi. Ouya, according to the latest reports, would like to collaborate with the Chinese manufacturer for products such as MiTv, providing gaming software and more.

The agreements between the two companies could bring huge benefits. On the one hand, Ouya could gain visibility and carry on the project, on the other hand Xiaomi could start its integration into a new branch of technology. Recall that China has had a government blockade of video game consoles lasted for years, and that the situation has been unblocking for just a couple of months, so it could turn out to be a more than interesting market.

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