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OxygenOS 14 has a release date: it will come with absurd RAM optimization

RAM is often the key to a smooth and responsive user experience. OnePlus, a brand known for its hardware generosity, is about to take another step forward in this area. The company announced the September 25th the new version of its operating system will be launched, OxygenOS 14, Based on Android 14. But what makes this release so eagerly awaited? The answer is simple: a RAM optimization that promises to be game-changing.

A focus on RAM optimization - much more than just a boost

When it comes to RAM optimization, the first thing that comes to mind is speed. However, OxygenOS 14 goes even further by introducing a feature called “Dedicated RAM for games“. This feature not only speeds up the opening and loading of games, but also improves the efficiency of memory management. Practically, a portion of the RAM is reserved exclusively for games, allowing the rest of the system to run smoothly. This is especially useful for those who enjoy multitasking and don't want to compromise device performance during other activities.

Trinity Engine: the synergy between hardware and software

OxygenOS 14 isn't just a superficial update; also introduces the Trinity Engine, an optimization engine that works at different levels of the system. Composed of six key technologies, including CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization and ROM Vitalization, the Trinity Engine is designed to enhance the overall performance of the device. This means that not only games, but also heavier applications and system processes will benefit from smoother and more responsive operation.


Artificial intelligence on OxygenOS 14

Another aspect that distinguishes OxygenOS 14 is the use of artificial intelligence for memory management. Thanks to a "AI mode“, the system will be able to predict which games the user will open more frequently and to allocate memory accordingly. This not only improves the gaming experience but also the energy efficiency since the system won't have to waste resources reallocating memory every time that opens a game.

With the launch of OxygenOS 14, OnePlus confirms itself as one of the leaders in the smartphone sector. This update represents the second major release since the merger with Oppo, an event that has already led to significant synergies between the two brands. The OnePlus 12, the company's next flagship, will probably be the first device to benefit from all these innovations, followed by other models in the OnePlus portfolio.

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