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Proscenic T22 the air fryer with the best value for money

Let's face it, the air fryer is the fashion of the moment .. but I must admit that it can certainly be useful even for those like me who are really scarce in the kitchen. And as with all trendy objects, it becomes really difficult to find your way around the myriad of products and offers. So today I want to talk to you about Proscenic T22 which I was lucky enough to try.

PACKAGING Proscenic T22

Like all fryers, you will not find much in the package: the fryer, its internal grill (which serves to support the food and lets any fat drip on the bottom) and the instruction booklet with other manuals (a fantastic recipe book and a "quick guide" for connecting to the application)


As soon as it is switched on, it is recommended to let it “spin” empty for about 15 minutes at 200 ° to clean the internal parts of any residues from substances placed on the heaters to avoid corrosion from salt. Then open and let it cool, at this point you are ready for use.

For the less technological, everything can be used manually directly from the TOUCH commands you will find above the fryer. Here you will find the following keys:

  • Power on / off (BLUE)
  • Start / pause
  • "Keep warm" to keep cooked food warm
  • “Pre heat” to enable the preheating function
  • Manual temperature adjustment (plus and minus)
  • Manual timer adjustment (plus and minus)
  • Preset Programs (Shrimp, Chips, Wings, Steak, Vegetables, Fish, Onion Rings, Pizza, Bacon, Pie, Toast)
proscenic t22


Using our air fryer proscenic T22 is very simple, you just need to place the food in its container, after placing the grill, select the preset program (or manually select the temperature and timer) and click on the play button. At this point the cooking/reheating of the food inserted will begin. The maximum capacity is 5L. Obviously, it won't be necessary to add oil even if someone adds a drizzle to add a little more flavour. I find cooking perfect without oil, do some tests to understand what your tastes are like. The air that circulates inside the fryer is homogeneous, but giving it a stir halfway through cooking is always recommended. Don't worry about forgetting it, in fact halfway through cooking you will be notified by the BIPs that our Proscenic will emit and by the flashing "shake" LED that will light up on the display.

At any time you can take a look at the evolution of cooking by pausing and opening the container.

We remind you to position the fryer at least 10cm from each wall and 20cm from any covers above.


Unlike other similar products I tried with this one, we have 2 interesting additional functions:

  • Preheat: by pressing this button the fryer will preheat about 5 minutes at 200 ° in order to put the food in an already heated environment (I never use it)
  • Keep Warm: this function is very interesting, in fact selecting it before the chosen program will keep the food warm at 75 ° for intervals of time of 5 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Great if you're busy and don't want to risk finding cold food. Of course, the advice is not to abuse this function (the more it is kept in this condition, the less the food will be cooked to perfection ..)

3D HF circulation technology, 7 times more efficient than normal air circulation Proscenic T22 adopted 3D HF circulation technology, which offers 360 ° steric air circulation technology to reduce 85% fat content when cooking and keep food heat evenly, air heat circulates around the food giving it a crunchy, brown exterior, presumably like that of fried food. In addition, this technology is 7 times more efficient than normal air circulation, allowing for a 30% increase in cooking efficiency and good nutrient retention.


For the more “geeks” there will also be the possibility of using it via the application (which will give us some exclusive functions) and Alexa, therefore ideal for those who want to find a meal ready when they return home. The application you will need to download is "proscenichome", remember to connect the fryer to a Wi-Fi network to 2.4GHz, the steps are intuitive and in any case explained in the paper “quick guide” that you will find inside the box.


proscenic t22

The fryer basket is non-stick for easy and hassle-free cleaning.
You don't have to worry about cleaning after the meal, as the surface won't be sticky after cooking. Often it will be enough to give it a quick wash with just water and you will not find food residues that are difficult to remove

proscenic t22


But let's get to the fundamental point of the question, how do foods come from? Assuming that myself is a "good fork" I can tell you that they are really good. The cooking is always homogeneous and the food crunchy at the right point. As I told you above, I don't use oil, but I remind you that for the sweet tooth it will still be possible to cook with a little oil to add flavor. Of course it will take you a while to figure out the right times and temperatures to get the cooking you prefer, but once you understand, you will have an excellent ally in the kitchen that will often make you forget about the classic oven.

Proscenic T22 Air Fryer

76€ 177€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Proscenic T22 Air Fryer

119€ 177€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

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