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Popdeer PD-JA1 Review: Jump Starter That Saves Your Day

I tried the Popdeer PD-JA1 which presents itself as a versatile solution for motorists, combining in a single device a power bank, an emergency starter, an LED flashlight and a compressor. One of those indispensable products in the car that can make a big difference in various ways in emergency situations.

Design and Packaging

Thanks to small dimensions of 20,2 x 10,2 x 4,9 cm and a weight of only 816 grams, the PD-JA1 can be transported to have it available when an emergency arises. In my case it found space in the car to save me when a tire goes flat or the battery abandons me, but I imagine it could also be useful in outdoor activities such as camping.

Popdeer PD-JA1 bag

It is made entirely of good quality plastics and provides a decent level of robustness although no certification for protection against water or dust is declared. A comfortable webbing which allows you to grab and carry it easily.

Specifications and functions

Popdeer PD-JA1 Accessories

With a capacity of 20.000mAh battery and a maximum starting current of 2500A, it can boot most vehicles with broken batteries, both petrol and diesel. The starting procedure is simple and intuitive, requiring only you to connect the terminals to the car battery and press a button.

In addition to its main function of emergency starting, It also serves as a standard power bank for charging common devices such as smartphones or tablets thanks to its dedicated USB output at 5V/9A – 9V/2A – 12/1.5A which is well suited to a large variety of devices. Thanks to the large size of the battery, it provides a very high number of recharges.

Popdeer PD-JA1 side view

The PD-JA1 also includes an inflation cable with three different adapters, which can be connected to a dedicated socket to turn the device into a portable compressor suitable for tires, balls and other items that require high pressure, but it is poco suitable for large items such as beach mattresses.

But the Popdeer PD-JA1 is also an emergency LED light, quite powerful and with intermittent effects. It is useful in many ways and provides a luminous warning when in case we have to stop on the road, in the evening, for an emergency.

Popdeer PD-JA1 led light

It recharges with a normal smartphone charger (the cable is included, but not the charger) via the appropriate USB Type-C input socket.

This all-in-one solution appears to be particularly convenient, offered at a price of around €62,60, with shipping included, although it is currently available in pre-sale, with shipments starting in January.

Popdeer PD-JA1 display

Popdeer PD-JA1 Final opinions and offer

Popdeer PD-JA1 represents a practical choice for those looking a compact device capable of offering both the functionality of aemergency starting as well as inflation, all accompanied by a convenient carrying case and mobile device charging capability.

It's one of those products that you won't use for a year, but You will thank the day you purchased it when it will “save your life” in an unpleasant situation.

The price is also interesting. It's available on this BangGood page for €63 using the discount code BGRJANPJA1 or BGCSAUTO6 before payment. The price includes fast shipping from the warehouse in Europe.

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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