Nature of POCO F3: it will be the rebrand of a Redmi already seen

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Redmi loyal users are undoubtedly waiting for the Redmi K40. This device will be released today in China, now very few hours. So far all beautiful if it were not for this name, the device will never reach us. As is known, Xiaomi usually launches the same devices in different markets with different names. It happened for the K30 came out of us as POCO F2 For and it will happen again even with the K40 which will be a POCO F3. It appears that the series with suffix K is intended to be incorporated within POCO. At least this is what emerges from the certifications that have come out in recent days. Let's go see the details and order.


According to what has been discovered, Redmi K40 will arrive in Europe as a POCO, probably a POCO F3 we look forward to so much: disappointed?

We should probably care poco (pun is inevitable) of the name of the devices and we should look more at the substance. Redmi K40 will be a POCOPHONE and this seems to be an established fact. According to what emerged from the certifications IMDA (Singapore) e Tena (China), it will be the same device. We just found out thanks DEIK, a Spanish supporter who also heads the country's Mi Community.

But let's order and see only the information we need at the moment. Redmi K40 was certified by TENAA a few days ago with code name M2012K11AG. Today, a device with the same codename has been certified by the Singapore IMDA, but with name POCO. Now, Singapore is clearly not part of China and turns out to be "Global area". This means that the global version of the K40 will undoubtedly be a device POCOPHONE.

Having said that, however, which smartphone will it be? The answer is quite obvious. If the device in China will integrate a level SoC like Snapdragon 870 (for the standard variant), then it is easy to think that it is the POCO F3 that many are waiting for. The true heir of POCO F1, the original flagship killer, is on its way.


As it turned out, we were right. The Redmi K40 will be a POCO F3 in global version. To reveal it is the same Deiki of the other day (via XDA), which has from poco posted the certification at theFCC. The name POCO F3 is clearly reported in the document, also citing the code number that corresponds with Redmi K40.

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