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ROIDMI EVE CC Floor Cleaning Robot with emptying station at €239, shipping from Europe included

In a world where technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life, the Roidmi Eve CC emerges as an example of how innovation can make household chores simpler and more efficient. This floor cleaning robot is not just a technological gadget, but a real home assistant that promises to transform the way we think about cleaning floors. The floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE CC it will help us clean the house, vacuuming and washing our floors automatically. Equipped with an automatic dust collection tank, it has a suction power of up to 3800Pa, LDS laser navigation, 3200mAh battery, 180 minute autonomy, 290ml water tank, 260ml dust tank and control via app



Elegant and Functional Design The Roidmi Eve CC stands out for its elegant and modern design. With its compact shape and sober colours, it fits perfectly into any home environment. Despite its small size, this robot is equipped with a series of advanced sensors that allow it to intelligently navigate domestic spaces, avoiding obstacles and concentrating cleaning on the dirtiest areas.

Cutting-edge technology One of the most impressive features of the Roidmi Eve CC is its cutting-edge technology. The robot is equipped with a mapping system that uses artificial intelligence to create a detailed layout of the home, allowing it to plan efficient and customizable cleaning routes. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful suction system that ensures the removal of dust, animal hair and other impurities from floors.

Intuitive features The Roidmi Eve CC is easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface. It can be controlled via a dedicated application, which allows users to schedule cleaning cycles, monitor the robot's status and even receive notifications when the job is completed. Its self-emptying functionality is particularly appreciated, as it reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Energy efficiency Another important aspect of the Roidmi Eve CC is its energy efficiency. The robot is designed to optimize energy consumption during cleaning cycles, ensuring long battery life. This not only makes it eco-friendly but also ensures that it can cover large cleaning areas without needing frequent refills.

Conclusions In conclusion, the Roidmi Eve CC represents a turning point in the floor cleaning robot sector. With its attractive design, advanced technologies, ease of use and energy efficiency, this robot is an excellent choice for those looking for a practical and efficient solution for keeping the floors at home clean. As technology continues to evolve, devices like the Roidmi Eve CC demonstrate how innovation can simplify and improve everyday life.

  • Type of Cleaning: Suction and washing, with dust collection.
  • Battery Capacity: Li-ion 3200mAh.
  • Potenza: 40W robot vacuum cleaner and 700W dust collection station.
  • Tank Capacity: 0,29L water tank and 0,26L dust collection tank.
  • Noise Level: Varies from 61dB(A) in silent mode to 76dB(A) in powerful mode.
  • Autonomy: Up to 180 minutes in silent mode.
  • Charging time: Approximately 190 minutes.
  • Navigation Mode: Laser navigation with infrared obstacle avoidance.
  • Cleaning Area: Up to 150 mXNUMX.
  • HEPA filter: Supported.
  • Suction Power: 4000 Pa with 4 power levels.
  • Volume of Water for Washing: Three selectable levels.
  • Weight and size: Robot weight 2,8 kg, dust collection station 2,6 kg; dimensions of the robot 32,5 x 32,5 x 9,7 cm and of the dust collection station 27,5 x 19,9 x 29,3 cm​.

These specifications make the Roidmi Eve CC a versatile and powerful robot vacuum cleaner, suitable for a variety of household cleaning needs.


Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE CC Floor Cleaning Robot

239€ 549€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: ROIDMI 
Typology: Vacuum cleaner
Model: Eve CC
White color
Small PartsType of cleaning: Suction and cleaning + self-collecting dust
Li-ion Battery Capacity: 3200mAh
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Power: 40W
Dust collection station power: 700W
Water tank capacity: 0,29
L Robot dust collection capacity: 0,26L
Host Noise: Quiet: 61dB (A); Standards: 63,7dB(A); Mid Range: 67,6dB(A); Powerful: 72,1dB(A)
Working time: 150 minutes (quiet running)
Charging time: approx. 190 minutes (power less than 10% charge)
Sweep Path: Arc Sweep
Cleaning form: Flat cloth
Fall arrest scenarios: 100 mm without falling
Barrier crossing height: Garbage: 20 mm, cleaning: 20 mm
Distance along the wall: <15mm
Climbing Ability: Support 15 -degree slope
Navigation modes: Laser navigation + infrared obstacle avoidance
Cleaning area:
150 mXNUMX dust container HEPA paper to prevent dust clogging: Support
Reload speed: Auto search, clean finish reload, low charge reload, shortest reload path
95% success rate for primary reload, 100% success rate for secondary reload
Dust suction power: Max 3800Pa, 4 gears optional, the force is divided into strong, medium, standard and quiet gear
Flushing water volume: selectable, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear
Dust collection time: about 12 seconds
Weight and sizeRobot weight: 2,8 kg
Base station weight: 2,6kg
Package weight: 7,5 kg
Host Dimensions (L x W x H): 32,5 x 32,5 x 9,7cm
Base Station Dimensions (L x W x H): 27,5 x 19,9 x 29,3cm
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H): 38×36,2×40cm
Package Contents1 x host
2 x Side Sweep (1 pre-installed, 1 free)
2 x Mops (1 pre-installed, 1 free, including mop holder)
1 x 2 in 1 Dust Box
2 x HEPA (1 pre-installed, 1 free)
5 dust bags (1 pre-installed, 4 free)
1 cleaning brush (dust brush)
1 quick user guide
1 user manual
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