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Some interesting features of the new Xiaomi MI4

The Xiaomi Mi4, the new top Xiaomi range, brings with it very interesting novelties. And in this article I will show you some of these novelties.



Interchangeable covers:

Surely they are not an absolute novelty, in fact this year the OnePlus One was launched with the Style Swap cover, or interchangeable rear covers made with extremely special materials, such as wood, kevlar and bamboo. Now Xiaomi will also offer this possibility with the new Xiaomi Mi4, and the result could be beautiful!


The merits go to OnePlus, but these covers are really beautiful. Imagine purchasing more than one of them over time, and then finding yourself replacing your Xiaomi MI4 cover periodically with one of these, giving it a new look and absolutely "different" from the usual design of a smartphone. We do not talk about "wood effect" or other reproduced materials, we really talk about cover materials made with these really remarkable materials. We look forward to keeping Xiaomi low on cover costs.


The new MIUI V6:

During the presentation of Xiaomi Mi4, fully focused on hardware, Xiaomi announced that the next version of its Android-based ROM, MIUI V6, will be presented at a dedicated launch event scheduled for August 16.


This means that the MIUI V6 will bring new features, which the company intends to present in the best way, but also means that the first Mi4 to go out on the market will still mount the MIUI V5. In the new MIUI V6 we will see what improvements and what new features Xiaomi will be able to add.


Infrared remote control:

The Xiaomi Mi4 will also feature an infrared sensor, accompanied by an application to control various home appliances.


As you can see from the image, the Xiaomi Mi4 will be able to control televisions, routers, lighting systems, air conditioners, musical equipment and more. It will not be one of those fundamental features, but it may prove to be really interesting.

We more than you are eager to have this new Xiaomi MI4 in your hands, but what do you think about these new things? Are you interesting? Give you the word in the comments!

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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