Dreame L10 Ultra vs Roborock S8: which robot vacuum cleaner washes better?

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Which of spinning mop or vibrating mop do you wash floors better? The eternal dilemma Mop versus Rag it also recurs in modern robot vacuum cleaners.

In the last two years we have seen a great diffusion and evolution of robot vacuum cleaners which now offer a good suction capacity also in economic models. The new challenge of the most recent models is instead to reach a good level also in washing floors.

I took a chance on the last two reviews made with the Dream L10 Ultra e Roborock S8 which are top of the range products but which use two different approaches to washing the floor.

Spin mops or vibrating mops, what's the difference?

Dream L10 Ultra, But also the Dreame L10s Pro, uses gods spinning mops up to 180 times per minute that are pressed on the floor creating a good friction able to polish the floor and remove the dirt stains present. In the review it also performed well with older stains but only with multiple swipes.

Dreame L10 Ultra mop
Dream L10 Ultra with spinning mops

In the case of the L10 Ultra the cloths can also be lifted to avoid wetting the carpets. There is also a base for automatic washing of the mop, but these functions are irrelevant for the purposes of the test.

Roborock S8
Roborock S8 with vibrating mop

Roborock S8 instead it uses a cloth that is aesthetically similar to the one present in most robots but which vibrates up to 3.000 times per minute. Also in this case the cloth is pressed on the floor and together with the vibration, a friction is generated which removes the dirt effectively.

In the tests performed separately, the results seemed to me to be superimposable, so I decided to compare them on equal conditions to understand which system washes better.

Spinning mops vs vibrating mops test, who washes floors better?

The rotating mops vs vibrating mops test was carried out in a closed enclosure of 120×90 cm on which were poured two teaspoons of coffee and one of ketchup left to dry for 5 hours.

In none of the robots was detergent added, but for both the most effective cleaning mode and maximum water flow were selected. The Dream L10 Ultra was in mode Deep wash which reduces the spacing of the trajectories and reduces the speed to improve the washing. The Roborock S8 was in mode Deep+, completely similar to that of the Dreame but even slower and with the suction deactivated.

I invite you to see the video i made which shows the whole test in detail.

Dreame L10 Ultra vs Roborock S8 test conclusions

As can be seen from the images and even more on the video on spinning mops vs vibrating mops, the Roborock S8 left a larger amount of ketchup. The difference, although quite visible, could be attributed to the different arrangement of the ketchup and relative thickness.

Even if you want allocate generously in balance this aspect, what struck me most was the time taken. In fact in the mode Deep+ at Roborock it took almost double the time to get “similar” results.

Also considering that on surfaces less smooth than the test one (terracotta, large tiles with deep joints) the vibrating cloths are even less effective, I have to assign the victory to the spinning cloths of the Dreame L10 Ultra.

However, it must be emphasized one aspect where the Roborock S8 wins: the cleaning surface. In fact, rotating mops of any model are positioned very centrally and cannot reach the outermost parts of the floors. Depending on the models and trajectories, they leave between 2/5 cm unwashed. Instead the Roborock S8 cloth is 4 cm wider and manages to cover the edges almost completely regardless of the trajectories.

We look forward to the release Roborock S8 Pro Ultra to test the new system Vibrarise 2.0 which will be more efficient.

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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