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Xiaomi 11T updates to MIUI 14 Global and Android 13 | Download

Even if it's not the latest top of the Chinese company's range, Xiaomi 11T has had its say and will continue to do so. Like any flagship, its duration is longer, also in terms of the number of updates, compared to any medium range. After all, this is also included in the higher price. And by the way, yes updates, just for a few hours Xiaomi 11T is updating to MIUI 14 Global and Android 13. This is the first release of both updates for this device. Let's see the details.

Even the third from last, by now, top of the Xiaomi range is growing: Xiaomi 11T updates to MIUI 14 Global and to Android 13. For now only Mi Pilots

Following up on the POCO F4 is also updated to MIUI 14 and to Android 13, Xiaomi 11T receives the same packets. Since this is not a sub-brand smartphone, we are all sure functionality of MIUI 14 will be immediately available on users' devices I Pilots that will update their device. But let's get back to us. The update in question comes up ROM Global enviroment. The build number that brings MIUI 14 and Android 13 to Xiaomi 11T is the V14.0.3.0.TKWMIXM.

From letters MI at the center of the build it is recognized that the release is intended for the global branch. In this regard, we invite you to read this article to understand how MIUI works and how many branches it has in all. At the moment we don't know which ones bugs e critical issues this update brings. The Mi Pilots are used in this sense to improve performance and understand their compatibility well. We therefore recommend that you wait for the update via OTA to be active.

In MIUI 14 the so-called is implemented Razor project, aimed at reducing the size of the operating system: all firmware takes up 13.09 GB on the device. According to Xiaomi, this is a record value, since the closest competitor "weighs" 15 GB (we are talking about iOS). Also, the operating system consumes only 3.3 GB of RAM, which also became the lowest value ever. Finally, the number of pre-installed non-removable applications has been reduced to just 8 - it's about Camera, Settings, Phone, Mi Store, Messages, Browser, Contacts and File Explorer.

At the same time on MIUI 14 the function of was introduced into the system combine duplicate files to save space. Unused applications are compressed if they have not been launched for several months. Another major innovation was the Photon engine which works with the Android core and opens up more opportunities for third-party application developers. It was revealed that thanks to him, the system now works noticeably smoother and faster, and the applications consume up to 22% less energy.

There are also visual changes. For example, for application icons (probably only the standard ones), we can choose one of the four sizes that the company has made available. Basically, icons can change shape. Another interesting innovation was the appearance of a digital pet on the main screen. In the example, a cat widget was presented, which goes about its business during the day, pleasing the user's eye. Pretty useless, but still a nice thing to look at.

With the new OS version, Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO they will be able to identify texts in images and interact with them, similar to iOS. Incidentally, Xiaomi has compared both software and promised more accuracy in its operating system.

It goes without saying that all the news in question are, at least for now, exclusive to the Chinese firmware. As we have seen in the past years, the new features and improved performance will be less in the Global firmware than in the Chinese one. The motivation is simple: i Google services are heavier and prevent some features from workings native of MIUI 14.

Below we leave you the link for the download of MIUI 14 and Android 13 for Xiaomi 11T NOT RECOMMENDED installation if you weren't Mi Pilot. The team is released from any liability in case of damage to the device following the installation of the updates listed in the article.

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