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Xiaomi focuses on fast charging, invests in Hypower Electronics

New reports made public this morning revealed that the Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund (or an industrial investment fund created by Xiaomi) has invested in a Chinese company specialized in the creation of chips for fast charging, Hypower Microelectronics. The investment fund was initially created by Xiaomi in 2017 and has since invested strategically on multiple fronts.

Xiaomi focuses on fast charging, invests in Hypower Electronics

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Xiaomi fast charging

Hypower Microelectronics Co Ltd was founded in March 2018, with its commercial activities which mainly deal with electronic circuits and wholesale of chips for integrated circuits. The company is represented by Wang Qiang, who also owns 36,71 percent of Hypower's shares. Today, Xiaomi has invested in the company and has secured a 9,92% stake.

According to publicly available reports, Hypower is currently developing integrated circuits, with a particular focus on reducing overall power supply, while increasing its efficiency. In recent times, Xiaomi has invested heavily in the field of microelectronics and chipsets, a strategy made even more evident with this latest investment.

Xiaomi-Mi-Wireless-Charger-30W-Vertical-th xiaomi fast charging

Furthermore, given that the Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund has just invested in a semiconductor company called Senscomm, only last month. The company appears to have used the funding to develop and produce various new AIoT products (interconnected AI products) with the Wi-Fi 6 standard. This investment is also in line with the initiative of the Chinese government (which invested in the fund investment) to encourage local businesses to develop proprietary technologies and products such as chips.

So Xiaomi seems to have focused heavily on fast charging, investing in several companies to create a more efficient technology than those currently on the market. We add that perhaps it is no coincidence that Xiaomi has just promoted the arrival of a new product with wireless fast charging. It will most likely be a wireless charging power bank.

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