Here is what the Xiaomi Mi 11 selfie cam is capable of in the dark

Xiaomi Mi 11 it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting devices of this early 2021 and not only because it is the first device in the world to integrate the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. There are some exclusive features that MIUI 12.5 will make available to users, albeit late. In fact, we know that not all the features of the latest version of the custom interface will be usable on the global version of the ROM. However, it has never been said that what is missing now will not be integrated in the future. But having said that, let's focus on the cameras of the device: how do they behave?

The Xiaomi Mi 11 selfie cam promises really impressive photo quality in the dark: a single front lens that gives TOP shots

Before we see what the front camera of Xiaomi Mi 11, we have to do a little disclaimer. The quality of the shots that we are going to see below is not the best as they are photos that come from Twitter. We know that when we go to download some pictures from the partner

l, in the cropping phase they lose quality, and not even a little. However we recognize what the improvements over the camera of the previous Mi 10. That said, let's go see the photos.

With respect to the position of the girl, i buildings behind are placed hundreds of meters. Despite this and despite the lack of light, the smartphone manages to capture with accurate sharpness all the details of the face and of the buildings themselves. We note how the lights of the floors of the skyscrapers are distinct from each other.

Recall that the seflie room of Xiaomi Mi 11 consists of a single 20 megapixel sensor with 1 / 3.4 ″ optical format and with 0,8 micron pixels. We are awaiting the response of DxOMark compared to the general quality of the photographic sector of the device but we are sure that he too will be talked about. The front one, in this regard, is made up of an original square (but rounded) module with 3 sensors: the main one from 108 megapixel (pixel binning technology), an ultra wide angle from 13 megapixel and a macro sensor from 5 megapixel.

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