Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro (Mi True Wireless 2 Pro) are coming to Italy!

The last time we talked about Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro, also known (full name) as Mi True Wireless 2 Pro, it was last year. In August to be precise, the headphones made their appearance inside the Bluetooth SIG database. This could have been a clue to their official arrival in Italy. However, we have not seen any trace of it. Now, almost a year later, one Italian certification confirms that TWS headphones with ANC are really coming. Let's go see the details.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 Pro also known as Mi Air 2 Pro are coming to Italy. Here are all the features of the TWS ANC

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro, or as we know them from certifications Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 Pro, have been from poco certified in Italy. What does it mean? Basically the headphones, as well as other devices certified by the same body (see the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3) are really coming to our country. But how do we know it's really about them? Very simple, just go and see the model numbers, which correspond. Specifically, the TWS headphones in question, equipped with ANC, were presented with model number TWSEJ10WM


xiaomi mi air 2 pro or mi true wireless 2 pro certified in italy
This is the document in Italian which certifies that the headphones with the same model number are arriving in Italy

For the avoidance of doubt, it seems fair to also share a photo of Xiaomi's TWS headphones. In fact, a click of the headphones also appears within the certification Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 Pro (or Mi Air 2 Pro).

xiaomi mi air 2 pro or mi true wireless 2 pro certified in italy

Complete features

As far as we know, Xiaomi's headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 in addition to the latest generation audio codecs audio codecs aptX HD, SBX, LHDC v3 and AAC. They are equipped with dynamic drivers from 12 mm which allow an ANC noise reduction of 35 dB. All this, inside earphones weighing only 6.5 g the one. We also find 3 different modes noise reduction: passive, active and transparent (the least invasive).

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