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PANDAER launches the 120W Super Charging Station PRO, a fast and intelligent charging station for all devices

PANDAERS, a subsidiary of Meizu, has just presented the new 120W Super Charging Station PRO, a smart fast charging station that integrates sockets and GaN fast charging. The product won the prestigious Red Dot 2023 Award for its simple and elegant design, inspired by Nordic architecture. The retail price in China is 599 yuan, about 75 euros at the exchange rate.

PANDAER launches the 120W Super Charging Station PRO, a fast and intelligent charging station for all devices

PANDAER Super Charging Station PRO

The 120W Super Charging Station PRO is an innovative product that combines the functions of a power strip and a fast charging head. As multi-socket, it can provide 2500W output power, adopts multi-module built-in stacking technology, large plugs do not interfere with each other, 1,8m extended power cord, double child safety door protection for the socket, and 8 safety protections.

As a fast charging head, it supports 3 USB-C multiport output, supports up to 120W fast charging and it is compatible with multiple universal fast charging protocols such as PD, PPS, QC 3.0, QC 4.0, SCP and FCP. In addition, it exclusively supports Meizu 20 series Super mCharge, which allows you to charge Meizu 20 PRO to 100% in just 35 minutes.

The 120W Super Charging Station PRO is also equipped with the super sensitive and stable connection technology 2.0, which ensures a continuous and uninterrupted connection between devices. When multiple devices are queuing for power usage, there's no need to be bothered by repeated “hand-shake” reminders to unplug and replug. When the first USB-C port supplies power to 3 devices, if one device is connected, the other devices will not be affected and the connection will be stable and continuous.

Finally, the USB-C interface is also equipped with a independent RGB light, which intelligently displays the charging power. Red indicates low speed charging, green indicates less than 50W charging, and blue indicates between 50 and 100W charging.

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