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Nothing Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 but charging 200W, 2K resolution and folding in 2021

We already knew the plans of Xiaomi for 2020 they did not foresee the release of the Mi MIX 4. The brand certainly has an ace up its sleeve if it is waiting so long for the successor of the slider phone. Between cameras under the screen and folding glasses we will probably see some good ones. But what will the brand focus on next year? There are many sectors explored in the last period: 2K resolution for smartphones, ultra-fast charging via cable or not, devices folding with super resistant glass… in all this, Chinese society will put body and soul into it according to a recent report leak.

The three areas in which the brand will focus will be these: charging, screen and folding devices. Nothing Xiaomi Mi MIX in sight though

Reading the last post of the well-known Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, the Beijing giant would intend to focus not so much on the next flagship device devoted to design but to Research. And who says that the areas in which it will pour millions of yuan are not really needed for this smartphone? Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is still shrouded in mystery but we'll probably hear the first official things about him next year. Regardless, here is what Xiaomi will study starting from 2021. There are four areas involved: ultra fast charging, screen resolution, camera under the display and folding devices.

No Xaomi Mi MIX 4 but charging 200W, 2K resolution and folding in 2021

The Digital Chat Station post translated

Camera under the screen: we have already talked about this technology, there is well poco to say. Xiaomi mi 10 ultra it was the first device to equip the invisible sensor and so it will be for other Xiaomi prototypes until the next MIX.

Quick charge: although the brand holds the record for the power of wireless charging and via cable (almost the record), you don't want to stop at the suns 80W without wire and 120W with wire. The ultimate goal is to get to 200W wired and it will be one of the points he will focus on more in the future. Now, the considerations on the usefulness of this power we leave them apart as they do not interest us here, but it would be good to address them in the future.

Folding screen: another sector that we only know through scant videos and patents is that of folding screens. A very complex sector that requires a lot of effort and as many investments. The biggest problem he can overcome is this: a folding glass does not exist. The brand will have to find a solution, also analyzing the mistakes made by competitors in the last year.

2K resolution: we slowly arrive at a "cinema" resolution. Smartphones will get bigger and bigger with it it will increase the video quality. Viewing streaming content will only be a pleasure, as long as the platforms support this resolution.

But now the final thoughts: Digital Chat Station says all of these industries will begin the phase mass production. I personally believe that not everyone will, especially charging a 200W won't see the light for two years. The cost will be too high and users who consider it useful and usable can be counted on the fingers of one hand. What do you think about it? We are curious, let us know in the comments.

Source | Weibo

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3 years ago

but why make smartphones even bigger? there are tablets…. they should go back to dimensions between 5 ″ and 6 ″ (it's already too much 6 ″)…. no more… .too much frying pans, they don't even fit in your pocket anymore

Last edited 3 years ago by Andrea