Review - OnePlus 7 Pro “Go Beyond Speed” slogan was never more appropriate!

By now you will already know everything about this last product OnePlus, but nevertheless we wanted to have our say!

For some years I have been trying with great pleasure all the models, which we remember are only top range, of the well-known Chinese brand OnePlus, a company that has now carved out a stable position in the market, even if a bit of a niche (or it would be better to say as a ”), High-level smartphones.

Even this year expectations have not been betrayed, indeed for the first time the gap that OnePlus still held under the flagships of the most famous Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. has really been filled. We are obviously talking about the camera department, which we will see in detail later in the review. But let's go step by step:

Difficult to explain, even if through photos and videos. It is absolutely hand held and seen live to understand its beauty and robustness. For the first time an Edge display is introduced that gives the phone a definitely improved grip and a not indifferent visual pleasure, the rear is also slightly curved, connected to the display with a metallic frame also colored blue with a different gradient. Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and 5 on the back give absolute resistance to wear and scratches and the Nebula Blue color is truly exceptional, changing according to the inclination and the light. It makes you cry having to put a cover (present in the package), even if with the original transparent one the impact is really minimal. Volume rocker on the left, mute-vibration-do not disturb slider on the right above the power key. In the upper part we find the pop up camera (in addition to the classic sensors and microphones) while under the system speaker (which will become stereo with the aid of the ear capsule), the trolley for the sim housing and the usb-type c port 3.1. However, the dimensions are really generous, not to say exaggerated .. we are talking about 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm for 207gr of weight, the one that really makes itself felt more than the dimensions. Almost impossible to keep it in your pocket, it is in my opinion the only big drawback of this smartphone.

As always we find the best that the market can offer: Qualcomm SD 855 processor, Adreno 640, Ram memory from 6/8 / 12Gb Lpddr4X, Rom memory from 128 / 256Gb UFS 3.0. It goes without saying that with this power and the tried and tested Oxygen OS (currently in version 9.5.10), the terminal is a splinter in any situation and with any application. The question that some of you might ask us is: "does it change having 6,8 or 12Gb of Ram?" Well, our personal opinion is that, unless you are a gamer accustomed to having several sessions of games open, in the classic everyday use you will not see any difference. The fingerprint sensor under the display is undoubtedly the fastest and most accurate on the market, now almost without differences compared to the canonical standard biometric sensors. Another novelty, not insignificant, is the pop-up chamber, very fast in opening and closing, which has allowed us to obtain a display without a notch that is almost exclusively a useful screen. The Hardware department is completed by BT 5.0, liquid cooling, NFC and obviously we are not going to mention everything that we now find on top range phones. There are also some absences like wireless charging, memory expansion, audio jack and IP certification, things that we are used to giving up on this phone.
Particular mention to the vibration motor that in previous models has always been criticized by lovers of the genre (I honestly keep it disabled ..).

Could a Fluid Amoled (term coined by OnePlus) with a resolution of QHD + 1.440 x 3.120 pixels, in 19,5: 9 format, with a density of 516ppi, be enough? Ok, if that's not enough, we would like to point out that it is the first device on the market to reach a frame rate up to 90fps (which can also be set at 60fps to save battery) and HDR10 support. Do these 90fps make a difference? Let's say that if you don't have a term of comparison next to it you certainly won't notice it, but I can assure you that the difference in the fast scrolling of the web / social pages is there. The screen is very bright (around 800nit), visibility under the sun is excellent. The only note, which I do to every OnePlus is the automatic brightness that always tends to lower too much indoors. You will often find yourself having to manually raise it, unless you have a super 11/10 view. The size is really important, we are talking about 6.67 ″ without notches or holes. This will certainly be a plus for viewing multimedia content but a decisive step back on the general portability of the smartphone.

The true leap forward of this 7 Pro is undoubtedly the camera department. We find in fact a triple rear sensor from 48Mpx (main) + 8Mpx (telephoto 3X) + 16Mpx (wide angle) and a selfie cam Pop up from 16Mpx. In detail:

  • Main sensor: Sony IMX 586, f / 1.6 which combines 4 pixels in one from 1.6μm thus bringing the shot to 12Mpx. It is possible to keep the definition at 48Mpx in pro mode. Present optical stabilization
  • Telephoto: 8Mpx f / 2.4 sensor with optical stabilization
  • Wide angle: 16Mpx f / 2.2 sensor with 117 ° angle
  • Selfie cam: Sony IMX471 Pop up sensor from 16Mpx f / 2.0 with electronic stabilization

How does it shoot? Good! Absolutely good the main camera, good the wide, good but not very good the zoom. The photos are realistic, the HDR works well without distorting the shots as often does the AI ​​of competitors. To give you an idea of ​​Dxomark, it scored 118 points in the camera department, one step away from the undisputed king of cameraphones, the Huawei P30 Pro (119). But I must admit that only one point of difference seems a little bit to me, having had the opportunity to try them both. Without going into details and technicalities, I refer you to the photo gallery that you will find attached to the review. The night mode that I recommend in low light situations is very good, even if the main sensor itself should capture a lot of light.
The videos are good, well stabilized and I reach the 4K definition at 60fps, although the advice is to use FullHD at 60fps. Only 480fps for slowmotion (720p) and 240fps (FullHD).
Also tested the Google Camera which, as often happens, also on our 7 Pro gives better results than the stock camera. From this point of view there is a need for improvement at the software level.

The battery is a rechargeable 4000mAh with 30W Dash technology (really fast, in just over an hour you will have a full charge). I always use my smartphone in 4G data mode, almost never in wi-fi, and I manage to arrive late in the evening with about 30% recharge. I keep the 90fps and QHD screen mode. Both can be reduced to 60fps and FHD + in case your password is “Autonomy”! You reach the 6 hours of display on and it is a good result even if not exceptional (I come from a Mi9 T which autonomy is something unsurpassed).

What convinced me: practically everything, even if to my personal taste the Oxygen still lacks fundamental features such as the always on display.
What did not convince me: certainly the size and weight are felt a lot, almost essential a bag or a pouch for transport. Another thing that could annoy the beloved of the brand is the price: € 759 for the 8 / 256Gb model is really a lot for a brand that has accustomed us to at least € 100 less than the price list. However, it must be said that the step taken by OnePlus with this 7 Pro could not be painless and something more is right to recognize it. In an absolute sense, this outlay is there and how, but it must also be considered that the Android market devalues ​​its products very and quickly, so at these figures, and even less, today there are Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and therefore the choice becomes really complicated.


  • Aesthetics and build quality Excellent
  • Exceptional Display
  • Top hardware
  • Camera at the level of the big competitors
  • Stereo sound
  • Good autonomy


  • Excessive weight, poor portability
  • Lack of Always on Display (incoming)
  • Absence of wireless charging
  • Lack of IP certification

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-21% Review - OnePlus 7 Pro “Go Beyond Speed” slogan was never more appropriate!

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-23% Review - OnePlus 7 Pro “Go Beyond Speed” slogan was never more appropriate!

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free quartino
1 year ago

worst oneplus ever
weighs more than the old Motorola 8700
battery does not arrive in the evening with intense use
uncomfortable curved edges (also to put protections)
no wireless charging
no ip68
not even a headset in the package
photo, the usual mediocre oneplus
dear to die for

I had two oneplus, when it was oneplus, now it changed its name since it changed price

rejected op7 pro and this "tender" review (maybe op reads you and doesn't send you 7t if you do bad?)

Fabrizio Catena
Fabrizio Catena
1 year ago

My problem is that I can't find it in stores to try it.

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