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How to remove Xiaomi MIUI 13 advertising: how to do it

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You are looking for a guide who can show you in detail how to remove ads Xiaomi MIUI 13? Very good, you just found it! In this in-depth study we will give you all the instructions you need to succeed in your intent.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone and you are tired of seeing advertisements in MIUI apps, you should know that unfortunately this is one of the main flaws of the Chinese company's proprietary interface (for MIUI 14 there will not be this problem).

Even if it's not the only flaw, MIUI is known for the invasiveness of its advertisements. Fortunately, especially with western ROMs, there aren't many ads, but they could still appear and be annoying.

How to remove Xiaomi MIUI 13 ads

To remove the advertisements present in the smartphone interface, the first step is disable the proprietary system that Xiaomi uses to manage advertising. MSA is the system process in charge of displaying banner ads. To disable it, go to "Settings / Password and security / Permissions and revocations" and disable the "msa" toggle. If you are using a non-European ROM or have changed regions, you may also have a toggle “GetApps“, disable that too.

miui 13 ads

At this point it blocks the profiling that MIUI uses to understand which advertisements are more suitable for your profile. Go to "Settings/Password and security/Privacy", scroll down, click on "Advertising services" and disable the toggle for "Personalized advertising advice".

If you still see ads, you need to disable them for each app on your device, i.e.:

  • safety
  • cleaner
  • Whatsapp
  • download
  • themes
  • MI Browser
  • We Video
  • Music
  • Folders

Let's analyze each one, starting from the security app: for the app that manages the MIUI security sector, click on the settings wheel at the top and uncheck "Get tips“. Same thing for the Cleaner app, used to clear useless files from memory.

For the "Apps" app, go to "Settings/Apps/Manage apps", click on the 3 dots at the top right, then on "Settings" and uncheck "Suggestions“. For the Download app, click on the three dots at the top right, then on "Settings" and uncheck "Show recommended content".

For the Themes app, click on the Profile icon at the bottom right, then on "Settings" and uncheck "Show ads" and "Personalized advice“. For the Mi Browser app, click on the Profile icon at the bottom right, then on the settings wheel, "Privacy and Security" and uncheck "Custom services".

For the Mi Video app, click on the Profile icon, go to "Settings" and uncheck "Firework Tips“. For the Music app, click on the three lines at the top left, then on "Settings/Advanced settings" and uncheck "Show ads".

For the folders you have in the home, open the folder, click on the name at the top and uncheck "Recommended applications".

With these steps, the MIUI on your Xiaomi smartphone should no longer show ads. Please note that there may be new listings in the future and if this is the case, we will make a new guide to resolve any issues.

Advertisement MIUI 13: will they not be in the next version?

According to a report from MyDrivers, with Xiaomi's MIUI 14 it could say goodbye to advertising. And not only. The source reports that MIUI 14 will focus on eliminating unwanted software and pre-installed applications also called bloatware

Thus, the company strives to make its devices more attractive to customers. Similar changes have affected the existing version of MIUI 13 on Xiaomi 12: in fact, this one contains only 7 pre-installed applications, including the gallery and the camera.

We'll see. In the meantime, you should now have a better idea of ​​how remove Xiaomi MIUI 13 ads. So all we have to do is make an appointment for you next time, see you soon!

Source: GizChina

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