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Send a phone in China for warranty repair

Unfortunately, although the quality of Asian products is making great strides, it is always possible to find yourself in the annoying situation of having to return your smartphone or tablet to the parent company for factory defects or, more commonly, due to accidental damage. (SUB lessons or bungee jumping without elastic).

We try to figure out all the operations that need to be done to be able to take advantage of the warranty in question. It is to be noted that the following guide is addressed to those who have purchased from Nitro International via but separate shipping address can be used by anyone who has purchased from a Chinese supplier.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Report the defect or failure to the vendor and the intention to use the service.
For those who placed the order on it is possible to communicate the failure to the email [email protected]

2. Pack the phone well.
We would like to prevent the phone from coming to the worst provider of when it left.

3. Send the phone to the supplier via ITALIAN POSTS
Absolutely DO NOT ship via courier! Couriers apply customs duties as the goods enter China. Obviously they would be charged.

The only way to avoid customs duties is to send by International Mail:

Not all posters know what they are doing and it may happen that they tell you that the parcel is too big for a recommended one or that you need to ship as an "international parcel" that arrives before ... desistite!


According to the rules written on the postal site, the parcel to be sent as recommended must have the sum of 3 sides (width + height + depth) less than or equal to 900 millimeters and weight less than 2Kg.
So this is a pack of well 30cm per side. Make it known to the clerk in case of stories.

Ship to this address:

Receiver: Wang Nan,
Address: 6A-203, Lixiangxincheng, Jindaotian Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. PRChina, Postcode: 518019
Tel: 14554920544


What to say about the papers? (Recommended and customs documents)

Description of Goods: "Defective phone"
Value: 10USD (10 dollars)

How much will the recommended cost me?

The parcel will hardly exceed 1Kg, therefore, since it is an expedition to 2 Zone (China) the cost of the recommended will be 18 €.
If we had exaggerated with the packaging, the maximum expense would be 24 € for a parcel up to 2kg.

4. Communication with the supplier
Always keep in touch with the vendor to know when the phone will arrive at your destination, repair methods, and any repair costs if the failure is not covered by the warranty.

For those who have purchased through the communication will be done directly with me, in Italian (:-p).
I will handle communications with Nitro International

5. Receiving repaired phone
When repaired, the phone will be returned to you upon payment of shipping charges and, if applicable, repair costs not covered by the warranty terms.
Shipped as a "Repaired Phone", this should allow you to receive the repaired phone without further aggravation of customs charges.


I hope to be useful to you, for any info please do not hesitate to ask through comment.


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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