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The new MIUI V6 has been introduced to discover it together!

As confirmed by the 16 August for Xiaomi was the day for the release of the most advanced and updated version of its MIUI rom, MIUI V6. 

It took a while but in the end Xiaomi decided to abandon his old MIUI V5 (which until now has done his work very well) to move on to the new MIUI V6, a version of the semblance (let me say that recalls a little the dear and old iOS) and the brand new features.



MIUI V6 and the design:

The biggest and most important update of the MIUI V6 mainly concerns style, appearance and design. Overall, however, the updates were different, starting with new notification systems, through a revised and much streamlined UI, new cloud services, etc ...

And in this article we will consider some changes to the new MIUI V6:

  • Launcher
  • Notifications
  • Phone App
  • New themes
  • New App


MIUI V6: The launcher

The new MIUI launcher represents one of the most important features in terms of use. In fact, not only has it been modified in the image, according to what is known it should be much faster and even more flexible for use.


MIUI V6: Notifications


Notifications are much easier to read on the new MIUI V6; messages, downloads and calls are absolutely more visible thanks to the new black notification bar at the top of the screen. An innovation not only in terms of design but also on the functional one, because, for example, if you find yourself having to answer an incoming call just while you are taking a picture, MIUI V6 will reserve only a small portion of the call. screen, useful for viewing the user who is looking for you.

Lockscreen has also been revised in terms of functionality through the implementation of new notifications shortcuts.












MIUI V6: Telephone application

By Xiaomi having so many users using their UI implies that Xiaomi is able to provide a service, a feature that gives the ability to put all of these users in connection with each other

For example, when did you happen to get a call from an unknown number to you? So many? Here, thanks to the new cloud service of MIUI V6 you will be able to identify the person attributable to the mysterious number even though this is not present in your address book.

According to the announcement, Xiaomi would have more than 60 millions of useful numbers, including economic services and general assistance, to prevent fraud and theft of confidential information.



MIUI V6: New Themes

The themes are another important innovation in the MIUI V6. If you do not like the default theme of the new rom, you can still choose between the 5000 motifs in the Xiaomi store.



MIUI V6: New Applications

Some applications have simply been tweaked in terms of design or functionality, while others are completely new. MIUI Life is the new function that, starting from the place where you are, allows you to get in touch with the most interesting places to visit, the best restaurants to have lunch or the best hotels to stay.



Also worth mentioning is the new "Pagine Gialle" function which will allow you to access many useful numbers quickly.


Whether you like them or not, these apps seem to be for the time only thought for Chinese users. We do not know if and when these features will be implemented in international versions (hopefully including Italy!) ...

But now that we are at the end the question arises:

Where can I download the new MIUI V6?

Simply nowhere, at least for now. Xiaomi would not be ready to officially release its firmware, but has already chosen over 100 beta testers to be able to test the MIUI V6

So let us know in the comments what do you think about this new MIUI ...!

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Simone Rodriguez
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