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Mijia Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L: economic smart pot now in crowdfunding

Xiaomi has just announced the launch of the Mijia Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L, a 1,5L smart multifunctional pot. The product is available for crowdfunding in China at a price of 169 yuan (22 euros), while the retail price will be 199 yuan, or 26 euros at the exchange rate. Shipments are scheduled for September 15th.

Mijia Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L: economic smart pot now in crowdfunding

The Mijia smart pot is able to heat up quickly thanks to the power of 1000 W, this serves to effectively increase the cooking speed. In particular, it only takes 6 minutes to boil 1 liter of water. In addition, it supports 9 levels of firepower, which can meet different cooking needs.

The Mijia Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L supports steaming, stewing, stewing and boiling and provides 50 famous recipes created by Chinese bloggers, which are re-tested and adjusted by a team of professional chefs. Each recipe has an optional custom heat curve, just one click, prepare the ingredients according to the instructions to make a master level cooking. Besides, it also supports Mijia app remote control.

The 50 Clever Recipes from Bloggers include popular recipes like Hungry Luxurious Force Hot Pot, Sad Hot and Sour Noodles, Pure Oden, Japanese Wagyu Sukiyaki Pot, etc., as well as specialty recipes like low-heat chicken and fairy soup. So you always have a different dish for each day of the week.

In terms of aesthetics, the smart pot adopts a convenient split structure design. The pot can be separated from the base for easy polishing. Then we have a knob with an OLED screen that allows selection with a button and easy cooking.

Finally, the product also features automatic overtemperature / dry burn protection and dual level anti-scald protection. On the one hand, it is sensibly detected by the thermostat and automatically enters the protection state when the water has evaporated to avoid accidents such as dry combustion; on the other hand, the internal tank in 304 stainless steel for contact with food has an air layer that blocks the passage of temperature to the outside, avoiding possible burns.

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