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The first details about the next Nothing Phone 2a have leaked

Nothing, the startup founded by the former CEO of OnePlus Carl Pei, debuted last year with its first smartphone, the NothingPhone (1), a device with a transparent design and interesting features. Subsequently, the company launched the NothingPhone (2), an improved version of its predecessor, which received good reviews from critics and audiences. Now, it seems that Nothing is already working on its third smartphone, the Nothing Phone 2a, some details of which have been leaked online.

The first details about the next Nothing Phone 2a have leaked

According to a Twitter post by a user called Sanju Choudhary, the Nothing Phone 2a will have the model number AIN142 and it will be a mid-range smartphone, positioned between the Nothing Phone (1) and the Nothing Phone (2). The user also shared an image showing the possible design of the phone, which incorporates the transparent style and LED strip on the back of previous models. However, the user pointed out that the final design may be slightly different.

As for the technical specifications, the Phone 2a should have a AMOLED display from 6,7 inch with a hole for the front camera. On the back, the phone would have two photo sensors, protected by glass. It is not yet known what the hardware features of the Nothing Phone 2a will be, but it is assumed that it will have a quality processor, good battery life and an Android-based operating system.

Will it be a mid-range that is positioned between Phone 1 and Phone 2?

There's no official launch date for the Nothing Phone 2a yet, but there's speculation that it could be coming in the early months of 2024. The price of the phone should be lower than that of the Nothing Phone (2), which has a starting price of 679 euros, but higher than that of the Nothing Phone (1), which has a starting price of 479 euros, so 599 €? Nothing has yet to confirm or deny the rumors about the Nothing Phone 2a, but it is likely that there will be more information about the startup's next smartphone in the coming days or weeks.

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