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About a month ago we showed you a preview of the first images of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4, coming out at least in China, and we listed ...


How lucky were the Xiaomi devices in the Mix series? Our eyes shone when the first Mi Mix was released in the far-off 2016: it was indeed ...


Probably few of you will know the Xiaomi Mi 6X since it was a device designed exclusively for the market and for Chinese users. Not for ...


Not only mid-range lovers are waiting anxiously and hype for the Redmi Note 7 Pro that the next 18 will be released in China in March. This is because there ...


At the end of last month Xiaomi has delighted us with the presentation of the penultimate top of the range devoted to design (but also to performance, let's face it) in the ...


How many times have you happened to navigate in a certain position at home, move to another room and find that the internet signal is ...


We know that Xiaomi does not concentrate its work exclusively on mobile devices, even if these are the ones we are more used to know. ...


In mid-December last year, we have all the Mi 8 series updated with SuperSlowMotion and Night Mode. Just yesterday, however, in China it is ...


And 'enviable as in recent years Xiaomi, although not a company that produces only smartphones, has concentrated almost obsessively on the ...


It is now almost necessary to use streaming platforms like Netflix to watch movies or TV series online and some devices facilitate this ...


It was time for an official news! Only rumors, only fake images ... we were losing hope when good news came, today. Before giving it to you ...


The surprises of Xiaomi do not stop at the future and chatted Mi 9 that should come out soon but also relate to the components of their smartphones. ...


Why are you in love with Andoid? Many will respond "because it is falice to understand and full of functionality" but others, the most nerds, will respond ...


Xiaomi Mi 9 will be the next flagship smartphone of the Mi series, which is receiving a lot of attention recently. Now it's days and days that we talk about it ...


The Spring Festival, known globally as the Chinese New Year, has inaugurated the new year which according to the Chinese zodiac corresponds to that of ...


As Xiaomi has set itself in the global marketplace, making itself known for thousands of high-tech products, it is expected to produce only those. In reality ...


One of the peculiarities that characterize the Xiaomi Mi 8 is the variety that revolves around it: in fact 5 are the different models that are present on the market of ...


The latest chipset on board the latest top-of-the-range Xiaomi, as we know, is the Snapdragon 845. Qualcomm has worked hard during the last year ...

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  1. Madonna that crazy cool!

  2. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 2 June 2019 at 16: 14

    For the moment we only have these images and information, nothing more. For the price there is still to wait.

  3. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 25 March 2019 at 7: 00

    Personal curiosity, I'm asking a bit of everyone: would you buy a device with a camera like that? Wouldn't you be afraid of some accidental breakage?

  4. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 25 March 2019 at 6: 58

    You say? If so, they would have to put the 2S Mi Mix for completeness. Who knows!

  5. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 17 March 2019 at 3: 47

    Oh it is a shame! Didn't know that ... but still, don't you think this service will be enhanced in the future?

  6. Just today in China!

  7. It is not even the latest on the market in reality: they have been made steps forward since its release.

  8. We will not organize groups but if you follow our channel on Facebook you will find the best offers. As an alternative to Facebook you will find the same offers here.

  9. If the Max 4 does not come out by June, the 3 is still a valid alternative. Or otherwise with an extra effort, but at least given the rumors concerning the 9 Mi, you can opt for an Mi 8. In any case always attentive on the channel with the offers that we publish daily!

  10. Exactly, "in theory" is as you say. For now, as I wrote, these are rumors because the official news has not come out. Surely from December 24 we will know something more, even if it is actually Xiaomi Play

  11. Personally I would buy a device like this for home: I like the idea of ​​being able to develop a picture of myself. Of course, the quality will not be that of a professional press, but a photo from the desk I would gladly.

  12. Imagine!

  13. We still do not know anything about it but we can assume that the cartridges manufactured by Kyocera will be sold separately, as for Xprint Online. Surely the paper speech will be the same: I strongly doubt that a "normal" card will be usable.

  14. From what I know, bone conduction headphones have a different shape because they are positioned between the temple and the cheek. But why not, could also be a variant ... who knows!

  15. Beautiful intuition! Considering that Huawei, with its StorySign app and artificial intelligence, is helping many deaf children, it could be there!

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