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Non sono molti i dispositivi, o meglio le serie di dispositivi Xiaomi che sono state lasciate a sé stesse senza che ne venisse previsto un successore o un ...

Era da quasi un mese che tutti gli utenti xiaomisti utilizzatori di ROM Global stavano aspettando questa notizia. In precedenza erano state annunciati i ...

Now the time has come: tomorrow Xiaomi will finally start officially launching the long-awaited MIUI 11. E 'since 24 September, day in ...

Today was full of news: we saw how Redmi subtly announced the successor of the Little Demon K20 and assisted ...

A particular interest on the part of Redmi, as well as obviously for smartphones, is with regard to portable computers. We have seen how ...

By now fashion, as we know, is the xiaomi camera angles. Despite the fact that only a few years have passed since all the major smartphone manufacturers started ...

If we want to summarize in one sentence what is at the center of the struggle between all the biggest smartphone manufacturers we could simply say: race to ...

It is only last month that news on the MIUI 11 Camera app revealed that an Xiaomi smartphone with 8K video support could arrive. ...

DxOMark has now become the point of reference for all those users who want to buy a new smartphone and want to spend money mainly ...

Since last September 24, date of presentation of the futuristic Mix Alpha with surround display and MIUI 11, many users have been quite disappointed in ...

Two giants engaged in two different fields come together to give gamers the chance to get a very attractive prize: three tickets ...

There is little to discuss: he was the first and true flagship killer, the POCOPHONE F1, which has staked everything on specifications and high-level hardware ...

Who of you knows about Google Discover? Perhaps with almost this name, but this is a feature of Big G that many users, Xiaomists and others, have ...

It is not at all a novelty of how our beloved brand pushes hard on fronts that are not smartphones: with this we do not want to say absolutely that under ...

After receiving Android 10 simultaneously with Google Pixel devices, this time too the Redmi K20 base flagship of the Xiaomi sub brand is seen ...

Let's start the day today with some nice healthy modding and let's talk about the former box office champion Redmi Note 5 Pro. Despite the 24 last September, given in ...

Not the smartphone we need, true, but personally I believe that the real novelty of these last months of the year, like the Mi Mix Alpha and the Mi 9 ...

Known worldwide for smartphones, Xiaomi also has a very profitable sector that is wearables. The latter are mainly ...

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  1. Madonna that crazy cool!

  2. From what I know, bone conduction headphones have a different shape because they are positioned between the temple and the cheek. But why not, could also be a variant ... who knows!

  3. Hi Mauro! No, they are two different things: for the moment there is only one beta of Android Q / 10, but not the official one, which is unknown when it comes out. In theory, between October and November it should be ready.

  4. Do not even mention it!

  5. Hi Walter! There is absolutely no evidence that the gestures will be deleted from the system. Some time ago there was talk of an implementation with 3D gestures even, so I would exclude it.

  6. Hi Alex! Yes, as you can see it will be updated in phase two.

  7. Hi Nemocrk! You are right! It's a mistake on the miui.com website, thanks for letting me know!

  8. Hello Marco! As stated in the article and as confirmed by the team, the list is provisional and will be subject to changes. I am sure that the Mi Max 3 will also be updated.

  9. Hi Adriano! It is not at all clear that the top of the range should be the first to receive an update. Personally, if I were at the head I would release the update first for the most sold devices globally.

  10. Hi Paul! Unfortunately, this does not appear, but you can always work with third-party apps if you really need them.

  11. Hello Riccardo! Mi Turbo is a software-type support that allows you to streamline your processes by avoiding "over-tiring" your smartphone, with a consequent speeding up of the system which, as mentioned, only after 24 months (data released by Redmi) will see a drop in performance . It is not a justification, but after two years if a smartphone from 100 € like this one was no longer good, it would be less problematic to change it than one from 250 / 300 €.

  12. True ... but perhaps in the front, then that of the screen, just below it there is more space to insert two cameras. Thinking about it, behind it are all the other components and putting them at the two ends would be inconvenient. Who knows ...

  13. Exactly, Murphy's law wants that if you have cameras at the corners, the smartphone falls right on those points.

  14. Hi Franz! So, first of all, we are not the ones who offer Xiaomi smartphones, our job is to bring you all the news related to the brand. Then, relative to the language if you buy a GLOBAL device (usually it says) this has the possibility to put the Italian language without any problem; if you buy an imported device and then CHINA the operating system will be in the mother tongue and you can change it with the English one.
    As for the keyboard, in the same way you choose the layout.
    The Android version varies from model to model but currently all (new ones) are coming out with Android 9; in the future they will come out with Android 10.
    Finally, for the post purchase assistance the devices you buy, for example through Grossoshop, all have a two-year warranty in Italy but in any case it is always advisable to check every time you buy: it can happen that you buy from a Chinese shop and in that case the speech is different. If you are interested in buying I remind you that we have discount codes!

  15. Hi Oss! Good question ... only time will tell!

  16. Hi Matteo! From the rumors of the corridor the 24 October should come out a new smartphone, definitely more accessible than the Mix Alpha, with the name CC9 Pro and that will assemble this sensor. For now, the CC series is destined for the Chinese market, but who knows ...

  17. Hi Dax! In reality the rear cameras of this Redmi are of three types: normal, wide-angle and telephoto. That said, it is obvious that a device with this price range cannot have all the options. What we want to make clear in the article, as clearly expressed, is that price does not make quality. In any case I would prefer not to pay more money to have something really useless (very personal opinion, far from criticizing the choices of other users) like being able to go under water of 4 meters. It's like buying 1000 € racing tires and not being able to use them on the street because they are not regular by law.
    The same goes for audio: everyone has to choose the device according to their needs and one like me that uses nothing but headphones, does not need a system that releases the sound from under the display.
    In short, everything is relative.

  18. Hi Paul! You're right, I confused me: I wanted to write Redmi Note 8 Pro and not Redmi K20 Pro. Thanks for letting me know!

  19. Hi Alessandro, thanks for letting me know: I accidentally inserted data concerning the GTS that are not specific to the 3 Sport Watch. I proceeded to correct.

  20. As for the GPU the 665 is superior having an Adreno 610, while the 660 has an Adreno 512. For the CPU they are equivalent (more or less) because the cores in the first are all and 8 at 2.0GHz while in the second they are 4 at 1.8GHz and 4 at 2.2GHz.

  21. Hello Vincenzo! If the developers don't surprise us, the smartphone will come out with the MIUI 10. I tell you this because a few days ago a conference was announced just about the MIUI 11. You can read some more information here: https://www.xiaomitoday.it/conferenza-miui11-sta-arrivando.html. Unfortunately, even in this case, we have no security.

  22. A logic yes, it will be so. We will have confirmations in the coming days, but in any case from the official images the fingerprint reader on the back does not appear.

  23. There is no official list, but it seems that Redmi Note 4X will receive it.

  24. In the official images there is no trace and as we say in the article, the sensor will be below the display.

  25. Hi ALain! As for the standard version, the NFC will be available: to prove it, a video on the net https://s.weibo.com/weibo?q=redmi%20note%208%20nfc&wvr=6&b=1&Refer=SWeibo_box which shows the working prototype. As for the Pro there is no official news but we really expect it to be supported, otherwise it would really not make sense to have a processor like that that doesn't support this feature. Personally I see it on the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

  26. Hi Stefano! Yes, in general the MediaTek is not loved by practically anyone, but it seems that it has made progressions with this last Helio G90T. We hope well!

  27. I am certain at 100% that this device is intended to re-evaluate the MediaTek company. Somehow it will surprise us ...

  28. What you say is true, but it is also true that generally (not all then) those who want to moddare a smartphone hardly opts for one with that price range. And it must be considered that with this processor this series Redmi Note 8 will cost even less than the 7 ... so it might just not be worth buying it to proceed with the modding. But who knows ... we'll see!

  29. Some rumors even give it this month but nothing official is known yet. Personally, I advise you to wait for September if you are thinking of buying a new smartphone: both because new products are coming out and because with their output prices fall a little.

  30. Hi Gigi, this is the official Tweet of the LineageOs team where they communicate everything.


  31. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 30 July 2019 at 17: 11

    Hi Rinaldo, did you try the "Lanthanum System Toolbox" application instead of TWRP?

  32. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 28 July 2019 at 14: 11

    Hi Dario, you are right: my mistake, I correct immediately. Thanks for the tip!

  33. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 25 July 2019 at 14: 09

    Hi Davide, you can find it here: https://mifirm.net/model/davinci.ttt#other-twrp.

  34. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 19 July 2019 at 10: 36

    Are you referring to the answer I gave to GABRIO's message? In this case I obviously refer to the instructions described in the article, which however are not related to your problem. As far as your problem is concerned, I advise you to contact a specialized center or to do a restore with backup at least, to see if you can solve it.

  35. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 17 July 2019 at 20: 44

    Hi GABRIO! I really hope that by following the instructions he can solve the problem! Keep us updated!

  36. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 14 July 2019 at 22: 42

    Hi Danilo. Unfortunately I would not know how to help you: it is the first time that I feel such a problem. You could contact a specialized center to understand at least if it is a software problem. Have you tried to make a backup and restore everything?

  37. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 11 July 2019 at 7: 51

    Perfect then! Thanks for the feedback!

  38. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 10 July 2019 at 12: 09

    Hello! Look, honestly I can't tell you ... the modified Mi Fit app is an apk and therefore not compatible with iOS. You could try conventing it with MechDome but I can't tell you if it works or not. If you want to try, let us know how it goes!

  39. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 9 July 2019 at 18: 13

    In the article we talk about a titanium shell, the outside part. The quartz watches you are referring to are all hand-held watches and are named for their mechanism, not for the material of the body: in fact, the oscillations of a quartz crystal inside the classic watches allow “the passage of time ".

  40. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 2 June 2019 at 16: 14

    For the moment we only have these images and information, nothing more. For the price there is still to wait.

  41. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 25 March 2019 at 7: 00

    Personal curiosity, I'm asking a bit of everyone: would you buy a device with a camera like that? Wouldn't you be afraid of some accidental breakage?

  42. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 25 March 2019 at 6: 58

    You say? If so, they would have to put the 2S Mi Mix for completeness. Who knows!

  43. Reply
    Gianluca Cobucci 17 March 2019 at 3: 47

    Oh it is a shame! Didn't know that ... but still, don't you think this service will be enhanced in the future?

  44. Just today in China!

  45. It is not even the latest on the market in reality: they have been made steps forward since its release.

  46. We will not organize groups but if you follow our channel on Facebook you will find the best offers. As an alternative to Facebook you will find the same offers here.

  47. If the Max 4 does not come out by June, the 3 is still a valid alternative. Or otherwise with an extra effort, but at least given the rumors concerning the 9 Mi, you can opt for an Mi 8. In any case always attentive on the channel with the offers that we publish daily!

  48. Exactly, "in theory" is as you say. For now, as I wrote, these are rumors because the official news has not come out. Surely from December 24 we will know something more, even if it is actually Xiaomi Play

  49. Personally I would buy a device like this for home: I like the idea of ​​being able to develop a picture of myself. Of course, the quality will not be that of a professional press, but a photo from the desk I would gladly.

  50. Imagine!

  51. We still do not know anything about it but we can assume that the cartridges manufactured by Kyocera will be sold separately, as for Xprint Online. Surely the paper speech will be the same: I strongly doubt that a "normal" card will be usable.

  52. Beautiful intuition! Considering that Huawei, with its StorySign app and artificial intelligence, is helping many deaf children, it could be there!

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